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Chronological Journal Entries

If you’re new to The Union Creek Journal, I highly recommend that you read the journal entries in chronological order.  Normally, the entries are listed newest first (reverse chronological order) to make it easier to keep up-to-date once you’re all caught up.  I recognize that not everyone has been with us since the beginning and the WordPress reverse chronological order makes it difficult to read from the first post to the last post.  So, I’ve created this page.  Below you will find links to each of The Journal’s entries in chronological order.  To read from oldest to newest, simply click a link for an entry, read the entry and then use your browser’s back button to return to this page and click the link for the next entry.

November 2, 2014: The New Normal

November 9, 2014: The Farm & Family

November 16, 2014: The State of the Union

November 27, 2014: Giving Thanks

December 11, 2014: The Hunt

December 18, 2014: Contact

December 25, 2014: Bad Blood for Christmas

January 1, 2015: A New Leaf

January 8, 2105: Looters?

January 12, 2015: Life Skills

January 13, 2015: Add These to the List

National Guard

January 15, 2015: Q&A

January 17, 2015: Panic Button

January 21, 2015: Storm Clouds

January 22, 2015: Muerte de Marta


January 24, 2015: Pete & Repeat

January 28, 2015: Evil Rears Its Ugly Head

January 30, 2015: Trail of Tears

February 6, 2015: Survivors?

Ariela’s Choice

February 10, 2015: Monkeys

February 14, 2015: Valentine’s Day Mutiny

Ariela’s Escape

February 16, 2015: Judging Jake

Fear of Fernando

February 28, 2015: Rule of Law

March 2, 2015: Reach Out

March 4, 2015: Touch Someone

Descent into Madness

March 8, 2015: Snake’s Head

March 9, 2015: Snake’s Head (Continued)

March 10, 2015: We’re Pulling for You

March 12, 2015: Stressed

Made in China

Sweet Melody

March 15, 2015: Faith & Hope & Reason

March 17, 2015: Awakening

Blue Hats

March 22, 2015: Without Faith

March 23, 2015: A Good Defense

Dazed & Confused

March 25, 2015: Leader

148 Days

Gimme Shelter



Death March



Business Plan

March 31, 2015: We’re Back

April 1, 2015: Hope Springs Eternal

April 2, 2015: Fortune Favors

April 3, 2015: Omaha-Lincoln AAR

I Spy

Freeman Militia Center

April 7, 2015: Love is in the Air

Night Owl

April 10, 2015: Comfort

April 11, 2015: Piece of Trash

Have it Your Wei

April 12-13, 2015: Missing

April 14, 2015: D.J.

Lucky Charm

Hot Shower

Wei Down South

April 15, 2015: Growing Concerns

Steve Struggles

April 16, 2015: Organizing the Community

Rick’s End

Xu Guan in Sixty Seconds

Swamp Rats

April 17, 2015: Synergy

Wei of the Swamp

I’m a Free Man

April 18, 2015: Catch 22

Xu Guan Away

April 19, 2015: And So It Begins …

Gator Bait

Under the Hood

April 20, 2015: The Value of Despair

Name Tape

April 21, 2015: Attitude Adjustment

April 22, 2015: Impeachment?

The First Wave

Handy Manny


Breaking Waves

Xu to Kill

Scout Tracker

April 24, 2015: Trojan?

April 25, 2015: Addressing Issues

Family Matters

Wei Over Your Head

Xu Guan to the River

Just One Thought

Blood Work

April 27, 2015: Storms of Thunder

April 28, 2015: Gone with the Storms

Bombs A-Wei!


April 29, 2015: Prepare for War

Pappy’s Plan

Tanner’s Trouble

Wei Too Close!

April 30, 2015: Oh, Schmidt!

Whatever it Takes

May 1, 2015: Others Like Us?

Blue Hats (Reprise)

Midnight Requisition

Center Punch

May 2, 2015: Road Signs

On the Nose

The Beginning

The Armory

May 5, 2015: Alliance

Pitcher Full

The Musings of Wei

Shock & Awe

May 6, 2015: Embrace the … New Normal

May 7, 2015: The Essence of War

The Fight

May 8, 2015: Just Over the Horizon

Relief Pitcher

May 9, 2015: Death is Not the Worst of Evils

May 25, 2015: Memorial Day

Copyright: Toby Asplin 2011-2012

66 thoughts on “Chronological Journal Entries

  1. Scott on said:

    Simply outstanding!

  2. Brushogger on said:

    Hurry up with the battle chapter man! I’m going to be in the boonies with no phone or Internet this weekend and first part of next week and I don’t want to miss it.

  3. I found this yesterday and couldn’t leave until I’d finished every update. It’s very well written and very powerful stuff. I’ve been doing a little prepping, but from the scenarios played out here I can tell that I’m a rank amatuer. I’m doing good on food, water, ammo and guns (and TP – lol), but no comms, no fuel and no defensive protection. Time to modify my planning and tactics.

  4. Just read through the whole story in 2 days, Brilliant. Keep it coming please. 1 roll per week per 4 people.

  5. RVN11B on said:

    Shoot! Weekends is when I work on my fishin’!


    Mud –

    This keeps getting better and better! Put me in line for an autographed hard-copy “Steve, I couldn’t have done it without you…” That aught to work.

    Best Regrds.

  7. Micheal on said:

    I can see this scenario happening.. Fortunately, I have prepared myself and my family.. We have a river that can provide us with power and all the water that we need.. !20 acres gives us all the hunting for meet; that combined with the fishing in our river.

    Every year we plant an outsized garden .. and have more than enough to feed us and the neighbours if necessary.

    We are in a tiny community well away from any major urban centre.

    We gring our own flour, process all our own food. But that TP issue makes me think it might be good to REALLY stock up on that.

  8. Leadarrows on said:

    I am hoping your going to tell more of how Rick went down from Ricks side of it. I have noticed you do tell your story that way some. You spent a bit more time developing Ricks character then seems necessary for it to end like that.

  9. osoka on said:

    You r right, Mud. I just finished hooking up 55 gallon drum to my gutters. Awesome!!! 10 minute shower added about 10 gallons of fresh water!! I think i am gonna need a bigger barrell, or more barrells hooked together.

  10. Leadarrows on said:

    I hate weekends now because you never post a new chapter then.

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