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Thank you!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all the readers of The Union Creek Journal.  I’ve been at this for just a little more than two weeks now and the response has been amazing!  Today, we more than doubled yesterday’s views.  We’re at 550 views and counting.  In my mind, that’s awesome!

I know a lot of online fiction comes and a lot of online fictions goes and a lot of online fictions comes and goes unfinished.  I also know that a number of my readers have expressed a concern that the same will happen with the Journal.  Not many of you know me personally, but I am known for finishing what I start.  The Journal is just a beginning for me.  It will be finished.  I have several chapters already written and the basic outline complete.  I’m working on what I think will be some pretty cool things – like guest writers for some of the sub-plots – that should make and keep the Journal entertaining and engaging ’til the end.

Today, in addition to exceeding 500 views, one of my readers figured out my master plan … sort of.  If you take the time to read all of this thank you note, you deserve to know some of the details of that plan.  The Journal is my gift.  Merry Christmas.  But, I would like something in return.  I would like your loyalty.  Step two of the plan is another online book.  This time, you will be able to read chapter by chapter, day by day for free or … (drum roll please) … you will be able to read the first few chapters for free and then download the rest of the book for a nominal fee and read it as fast as you want.

I’m curious to hear what you, the readers, think of this plan.  I think it’s a fairly unique way of delivering quality fiction both conveniently and at a reasonable price.

Thanks again,


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25 thoughts on “Thank you!

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  1. mac2167 on said:

    I like your writing … I’ll pay for it … Coyotes gotta eat

  2. I’ll buy that ride!
    Thanks for your hard work.

  3. This is good reading. Im a little jaded because Im a novice prepper but nonetheless…..good stuff….keep it up =D

  4. chaindrivecharlie on said:

    ok, hook line and sinker, I’m in.:)

  5. Michael Price on said:

    GO for it, truly engaging stuff. I would welcome a longer more pointed version(s) written in your enigmatic style. Just to give you a clue as to how into it I am, I have been awake since 10:30am Tues. worked a 9.5 hour cook shift from 3pm to midnight biked home 4.3 miles arriving shortly before 1 am and have been reading this story since around 1:30, needless to say even though I am tired and having trouble focusing at this point I have not been this intent on reading something since my marathon Stephen King days. Keep up the good work!

  6. Gigabelly on said:

    Count me in. I am really digging this! I’d gladly pay.

  7. missouriman on said:

    pretty awsome read so far, I am on the edge of my seat..

  8. smoker1 on said:

    Thank you for a great story, very well written, you have a way with words that keeps a reader wanting more.

  9. Actually I think with good writing you will buy loyalty, and so far Mudinyeri is doing quite well.

  10. Im still reading! 🙂 I really enjoy story’s such as this! It has given me several good ideas to use in my short story as well. While I, personally, wouldn’t mind paying a small fee to read your next story. The only problem I see with a chapter a day is, what if, for example, your 20 chapters are written and posted already, how do you keep someone to from reading them all in a row? After-all you cant buy loyalty 😉

    However I am off to the next chapter. I have thoroughly enjoyed the read thus-far. Its without a doubt a real page turner. Reminds me a bit of “Unintended Consequences by John Ross,” with the detail you have included. Keep up the hard work!


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