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The Union Creek Journal hit what I consider to be a major milestone yesterday – all thanks to you, the readers.

We had more than 2200 unique views yesterday!

Also, we officially “went international” yesterday.  I received word that we have readers in Cambridge, England.

In my mind, that’s simply amazing.  I had hoped that perhaps if things went really well and the sun, moon and stars aligned … that we might be up to 1000 views per day by the end of this year (2011).  Now that we have surpassed that goal, I’m at a bit of a loss.  I suppose 5000 daily views would be the next logical step.  From there … as Buzz Lightyear says, “To infinity and beyond!”

Let me pause once again and say, “thank you.”  I continue to be amazed, encouraged and humbled by the readership and positive comments.

For those who like their Facey-spaces and Twitter-books … I’ll soon be launching a Facebook page for The Union Creek Journal.  You’ll be able to interact with other fans, share comments and content with other Facebook members and, best of all, get access to exclusive entries only available on the Facebook site.

Look for an announcement soon!

Until then, you can always click the Share button at the bottom of each individual entry to share that entry on your Facebook page or though your Twitter account.  If you don’t have Facebook or Twitter, you can always share The Journal the “old fashioned” way – e-mail.

Thanks again for your readership and loyalty,



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23 thoughts on “Milestones

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  1. Michelle on said:

    Great story Mudinyeri! Thank you for making this available. I happened upon you site not knowing what to expect and I was immediately hooked.

    @Dedicated_Dad- I am an Israeli and can assure you the Mossad has bigger fish to fry than trolling Facebook trying to ID pictures.

  2. Damn… Here I go again…

    The “f@ceb00k” thing is off-putting.

    I won’t touch f@ceb00k with a 10-foot pole, and IMHO encouraging others to do so by dangling “exclusive entries” before them is helping The Enemy.

    Ever wonder why they demand you use your real name?

    Just TRY signing up with an Internet “handle” and see what happens!

    Just THINK for a minute how much info you could gather about someone based on their facebook presence – even if they think they’re being careful odds are they have “friends” who are not.

    Just the face-tagging function alone is INCREDIBLY scary – upload a pic and the system instantly IDs the people in it, even if they’re deliberately trying to disguise themselves? YUP!

    Even if they’re in the background and not really part of the “subject”?


    And on the rare occasion it’s wrong, what do we do? Why we CORRECT it, thus helping the developers to fine-tune their algorithm!

    Who are the developers? Any clue?

    An Israeli “company” — which is a euphemism for “m0ss@d”, meaning all that info is piped right along to Big Brother/Uncle Sugar. Add in the geo-tag, time/date stamp from the images and… Now their database includes that all these people were in location x on date y…

    If you have ANY dislike for the growing tyranny, and ANY desire to see our Founders’ Republic be restored someday, f@ceb00k is about as dumb a thing as you could ever do…


  3. Evan Liu on said:

    Well, you now also have a reader in Asia, if you care to know..

    Keep up the good work!

  4. chaindrivecharlie on said:

    this read is rockin me Bro!

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