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Februay 10, 2015: Monkeys

I finally had a chance to tune in to some short-wave radio over the last couple days.  Although the weather is still wintry, it would seem that the world is starting to see some sprouts of recovery and re-growth.

From what I can tell, China is leading the way on the international front.  Reports seem to indicate that they were not hit as hard by the crash as were North America, and Europe.  For some reason, I haven’t been able to find out much about the other areas of the world.

It sounds as though Chinese troops, under the United Nations’ crest, will soon be boots on ground in many of the harder-hit countries like the U.S.  No one seems to have much more factual detail beyond that, but there is plenty of speculation that the Chinese forces will essentially be repo-men, disguised by the blue U.N. helmets, looking to gobble up any remaining assets to collect on the debts owed them.

Certainly plausible.

The densely populated areas of the northeastern U.S. were hit hardest here in the states.  The less-populated areas around the cities seem to have fared a little better but were overrun, in many cases, by looters in the mass exodus from the more metropolitan areas.

Destruction in rural areas of the country, like ours, has mainly been limited to larger towns and smaller cities.

Remnants of the old U.S. government are trying to pull together a new, provisional government based in Portland, Oregon.  I haven’t figured out whether that’s a good thing or not.  Too many remnants of the pre-crash government will simply lead us right back to where we were a couple years ago.

It’s like the story of the monkeys.

Scientists put five monkeys in a cage and hung a banana on a string.  Beneath the banana, the scientists put a set of stairs.  The monkeys could climb the stairs to reach the banana.

Every time a monkey climbed the stairs and touched the banana, the scientists would spray all of the monkeys with cold water.  The scientists did this for several days until the monkeys in the cage stopped climbing the stairs.  The scientists then stopped spraying the monkeys with cold water.

Eventually, the scientists removed one monkey and replaced it with a new monkey.  Shortly after the new monkey was introduced into the cage, it began to climb the stairs to get the banana.  The rest of the monkeys immediately attacked the new monkey, preventing him from climbing the stairs to the banana.

One by one, the scientists replaced each of the five original monkeys with new monkeys.  Each time a new monkey was introduced into the cage, it would attempt to climb the stairs to get the banana.  Each time the monkey was attacked by the other monkeys as it attempted to climb the stairs.

After all five of the original monkeys had been replaced, the scientists replaced one of the new monkeys with another new monkey.  None of the monkeys in the cage had ever been sprayed with cold water when attempting to reach for the banana.  Nevertheless, when the new monkey attempted to climb the stairs, the rest of the monkeys attacked him.

Why?  Because that was the way it “had always been”.  None of the monkeys knew any different.

I’m more than a little concerned that the remnants of our government involved in putting together a new government are like the monkeys.  They just don’t know of a better way to govern than the way that drove us to the brink of extinction in the first place.

The fact that China has taken the lead in re-forming civilization frightens me even more.  They weren’t exactly a bastion of civil liberty before the crash.  I can only imagine how their surviving leadership views the new normal.

Is it possible that the sprouts of recovery seen creeping from the rubble of society were the seeds of tyranny sown before its collapse?

As if I didn’t already have a hundred problems.

Speaking of a hundred problems, have you heard the saying, “It’s what you don’t know that you don’t know that gets you”?

I have this feeling that there is a lot we don’t know that we don’t know about Hernandez’s organization.

One thing we do know is that there were multiple outposts.  We know that one of those outposts is just a few miles to our south.  We know, from Pete’s questioning, that Daniel informed that outpost of our existence and location before he was taken into town.  We know Daniel was around long enough to get a pretty good look at our defenses.

We don’t know how many outposts Hernandez had.  We don’t think Hernandez was killed in the attack on the armory – at least Pete’s detainee was pretty sure that Hernandez was not there, personally.

Hernandez seems like a guy that keeps his hands clean, letting others do the heavy lifting and dirty work.  So, it seems quite possible that he’s still around.

We don’t know how many members of Hernandez’s gang were not at the armory when we attacked it.  I’m sure there are other things we don’t know that we just weren’t smart enough to ask before we disposed of our source of information.

Time for a pow-wow between Pete’s family and my family.

On the good news front we were able to “liberate” a fair amount of vehicles, equipment and supplies from the motor pool at the armory.  Hernandez’s troops had obviously been loading supplies into the trucks in anticipation of their attack against us.

We mainly recovered weapons and ammunition, but also a few cases of MRE’s, a number of water coolers and a several ALICE packs filled with battle supplies.

We also ended up with three 6.5 liter turbo diesel HMMWV’s – two up-armored with turret-mounted M2E2 .50 caliber guns and one with an ambulance van – and two Deuce-and-a-halfs.  Both of the HMMWV’s with the .50’s were loaded up with twelve 100-round cans of ball ammo on belts.  In the back of one of the Deuces were another fifty cans of .50 caliber ball.  We also found ten cans of M962 SLAP armor-piercing ammo with tracer rounds interspersed.  A thousand rounds can go through a M2 pretty quickly but it was still a nice find.

In the same Deuce we found about 18,000 rounds of 5.56 ammo loaded in 30 round magazines and packed in “Tall .50” ammo cans.  Someone knew what they were doing when it came to packing ammo.  I store my own 5.56 exactly the same way.  Of course, before we hit the armory, I had nowhere near 18,000 rounds.

There were also twenty M4’s – the newer version with the three-round burst setting and ACOG sights.  We found a half-dozen Beretta M9’s in a locked box in the same Deuce.  Next to the Berettas were three night-vision cases … complete with NVESD Gen III+ devices and helmet mounts.


There were a number of odds and ends like helmets, web gear, body armor and the like but none in significant numbers.  Most likely it was just the gear for the vehicle’s drivers and co-drivers.  The rest of the gear was probably in the armory when we sent it skyward.

At first I wasn’t sure what we were going to do with all of the weaponry but then I realized that Hernandez is quite possibly still out there and several of his outposts definitely are still up and functional.

Finding a use for all my new toys will not be one of my hundred problems.


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22 thoughts on “Februay 10, 2015: Monkeys

  1. Michelle on said:

    Sorry to hear that the UN survived…

    I can think of worst countries than China coming over. If the Chinese are able to travel so far on pillaging missions, does this mean that oil production is still up and running?

  2. Michael Price on said:

    I think what is most intriguing about this story is how close to what is most likely a reality although I hope it doesn’t really come to the whole being holed up and fighting for survival but that is just my optimism there, in the dark recesses of my mind there is that little guy saying I told ya so, the fact that very shortly the U.S. Dollar will become completely worthless as a monetary currency coupled together with the fact that we owe so much of our soon to be worthless money to so many other soon to be more powerful countries, this people is a VERY real possibility, although steps are trying to be taken to keep the bleakest of outcomes from happening, a stark reality is in store for anyone who thinks the govenment is going to save us. The idea about the Chinese coming over as repo men while hilarious as it may seem is probably very close to the truth, ya’ll remember back a few years ago when Prez. Obama visited China and the media ridiculed him for bowing to whatever important Chinese person he was meeting because NO other president in office had ever stooped so low as to bow to a Chinaman, I thought it was rather appropriate considering how much of our livelihood they hold in their hand Obama should have been on his knees kissing his ass. The U.S. Dollar is the worlds trade currency, that puts us in a unique postition, it means we and we alone have the ability to print our own money and use it to pay our bills and purchase imports, that alone should scare you but lets take it further, some time ago Russia was in a great place as we are now, on top of the world so to speak, but like us they too fell and have yet to recover to some measure of strength, during the roughest of time there was an old woman who went to market, while in a shop someone overturned her cart full of ruples and stole the cart, you see the ruple had been so devalued like our precious dollar is soon to be, that the cart the old woman carried her money in was worth more than the paper it carried. Reality or Actuality?

  3. I think the mention of Chinese troops under the blue helmets raises an interesting point – what would/should US citizens do in response to foreign troops on our soil ‘providing aid’?

    • It’s a very good question, dw. In this case, the US citizenry is disorganized at best. The lack of organization, of course, leaves the country vulnerable.

    • You are assuming that those foreign troops would actually be providing aid and not taking advantage of the situation. I personally would be quite weary of people in uniform in this situation.

      • Nope, not assuming a single thing. I know what happens when you ass-u-me.

      • I was reply to dw’s post, I clicked on the wrong reply icon.

        On a side note; is there a way to edit a reply, since I make mistakes to often.

      • No way to edit once you’ve hit the Post Comment button. Sorry.

      • DW wasn’t assuming either. Notice the “…” around “providing aid”. Indicating that in this case “providing aid” is actually looting the country for everything they can find…including human resources…/yikes. Now look at me assuming…assuming the worst.

    • “…what would/should US citizens do in response to foreign troops on our soil ‘providing aid’?”

      Aim for the neck and the knees.

  4. Another good entry. With the new vehicles and weapons, Dave should consider reaching out to other neighbors and raise their forces strength in numbers. The shtf days are not over by a long shot. Just a couple thoughts to ponder?

    • Certainly, one would think that David and his family have some fuel stored. However, there are lots of potential used for fuel. Which take(s) priority?

      • If push comes to shove those military vehicles would be good to have should they need to bug out! A vehicle with a .50 cal would be a great bug out vehicle to cover your back side and a Deuce and a half can carry a lot of supplies. I’d love to have a vehicle like that at my disposal! Just dreaming!!!

  5. Love it…it’s like leveling up in a video game. So excited about all the weapon/gear upgrades cause you would totally own the previous content with it, but I got a feeling it’s just what you need, indeed barely sufficient for, what’s coming in the “next level”!

  6. Grunt167 on said:

    One thing you can say about the ChiComs… They do present a target rich environment…

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