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Journal Jumps

Today marks the beginning of Journal Jumps, available exclusively on The Union Creek Journal Facebook fan page or by following me on Twitter.

Journal Jumps jump ahead with a little tidbit that gives you a hint about an upcoming entry or event in The Journal.  Like the Facebook fan page or follow me on Twitter at @TobyAsplin to get in on the fun.


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3 thoughts on “Journal Jumps

  1. With the interest and following you are generating here you should have no problem getting someone to publish for you.

  2. So far it is a really good read it is just not fast enough. But, I know what it is to try and set a pace in writing. I am sure you probably already have an ultimate end so I am going to make a recommendation. Consider when you have finished it having it published and use the same format that you see in a cookbook. It will look like a journal, it wouldn’t even hurt to have lined pages. When you get ready I will give you my publisher’s name and you can work with her. If you are writing this in MSWord first and then pasting it will save time when it is time to publish. Keep up the great work.


    • I do have the ultimate end in mind. In fact, I know what the last five words will be. I also have about 75% of the chapters written – maybe a bit less. I’ve had others suggest that I publish The Journal as a paperback when I’m done. To me, that sounds expensive. I know there are some publish-on-demand services that might make it cost-effective. Maybe that’s the way to go.

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