The Union Creek Journal

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Got Kindle?

The Journal is now available for your Kindle!  Unfortunately, because Amazon charges to deliver content to the Kindle, I can’t provide The Journal for free on the Kindle.  You can still read it here for free, of course, but if you want to download it to your Kindle … it’ll cost ya!  😀

The entries are in monthly collections.  So, you can get November 2014’s entries all as a single collection, December 2014 and so on.  Each collection is $0.99.

Here’s the link to the Amazon page: The Union Creek Journal for Kindle




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5 thoughts on “Got Kindle?

  1. getting your name out there can’t hurt, go for it. As for me, I’m staying here, don’t want to wait a month at a time for updates.

    • Understandable, Mike. That’s not really the intent. This is for those folks with a Kindle or the Kindle app that want to be able to read offline. I like to read when I fly. Obviously, they don’t allow cellular connections on airplanes and the wireless connections on planes and in airports are usually costly. This allows you to take The Journal with you offline.

  2. Josh G on said:

    is there going to be februarys or marchs on there soon ?

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