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When do you read The Journal?

Sure, I can see the web statistics, but I’d like to hear from my readers.  When do you read The Journal and why?  Please vote and feel free to leave your comments.


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8 thoughts on “When do you read The Journal?

  1. workSucks on said:

    50 other people dislike their jobs just as much as i do…
    we’re just there for the money.
    maybe if our bosses paid us more we’d be more into it

  2. Bobzooki on said:

    I have it on the Favorites bar of my browser. Each morning, when I boot up my machine, I usually click here first…even before

  3. armedandsafe on said:

    I read it as soon as I see the post in TFR ( because that usually comes in hours ahead of the email.


  4. phil evans on said:

    i read as soon as i see it on my e-mail.
    you have a good adventuresome story with twists and turns,
    which keeps me interested.

  5. No given time, but I usually wait til things slow down on the web sights I monitor. I read alot any more and I enjoy the Journal so I save it til the last for an enjoyable days end. This time being a different issue, I’ll read the new entry later.

  6. I voted first thing in the morning as I usually read it as soon as the email comes in.

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