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Thanks Again

The Union Creek Journal marked its two-month anniversary and surpassed 125,000 views some time late last night.  I figured that was as good a reason to stop for a moment and say, “Thanks,” once again.

I’d like to publicly thank those of you who have seen fit to drop a little something in the tip jar.  Your tips carry with them far more than just monetary value.  Your tips validate the results of my experiment.  They say, “Your fiction is actually worth something.”  That matters a lot.  As most of you know, I hope, one day, to make writing my full-time gig.  The fact that people are willing to “pay” for something that I wrote – even though they already have free access – gives me a lot of encouragement.

I also want to thank each of you who has taken the time to post a comment after one (or more) of the entries.  I really enjoy getting the e-mails that have in the From address.  Whether you love me or hate me … or a little bit of both … it’s fun to get that immediate feedback from my readers.  OK, if you hate me, you don’t have to post any more comments.

There’s another group of people that I should thank as well.  Most of the time, they work behind the scenes sending me e-mails, using the contact form here on the site or sending me PM’s on the various forums that have reader threads.  These are the people who work as my virtual editor.  I try to edit my work before I post each entry, but it’s extraordinarily difficult to edit work that you authored.  A fresh, objective set of eyes does a much better job.  There are a few of you out there that have helped keep me on the straight and narrow when it comes to spelling and grammar.  Thanks.

Finally, I want to thank each and every reader.  After all, without readers, an author is just a crazy person that talks to himself by putting words on a page.  The Journal was recently listed on as a runner up at number 88.  Sure, I’d rather be at the top of the list, but after only two months and not technically being a survival blog … I’m pretty happy with that.  Why is The Journal in there at number 88?  Because of you – the readers.

Speaking of the Survival Top 50, they have a Reader’s Choice listing.  If you have a spare moment and would be willing to vote for The Journal over there, here’s the link to vote: Survival Top 50 Reader’s Choice

Thanks again,



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7 thoughts on “Thanks Again

  1. You are doing a great service with this read, I only wish that the other 49% of America would wake up to what is knocking at our doors.

  2. Still under steam in Oklahoma on said:

    I was referred to your story just yesterday…by a good friend of mine from the country. My roots are deep in a farm that was homesteaded by my great-grandfather in 1889 in north-central Oklahoma, so I can absolutely relate to each piece of illustration you place in your story, as have I also considered the ultimate end to all of the economic smoke and mirrors that is being fed to us on a daily basis. This is amazingly fresh reading, and I am enjoying it thoroughly, with an eye out the window to make sure 2014 isn’t here already. Thanks for taking the time to pen your words. It is a passion few are willing to expend the discipline to create. I am into the first week of January 2015, and will read the remainder this evening! Great job!

    • Glad to hrar you have friends that care enough to refer you here and that you’re enjoying the story. 😀

      If you still have that Oklahoma farm land … I love shooting hogs. Hint Hint 🙂

      • Still under steam in Oklahoma on said:

        The invitation is always open…. Hogs are sadly the newest craze in Oklahoma. We still have the original homestead farm, and about another 400 acres that fortunately haven’t seen any hogs yet. But they are all around us, and farmers are glad to have any responsible person come in and attempt to eradicate as many as possible…. We’ll talk more… ,-)

  3. Doug in Arkansas on said:

    Thank YOU! for writing and sharing with everyone freely.
    One possible thing you might consider is to provide a list of characters and their relationships (if any) to the others in the story . Another way to do this is to provide last names(?) and relationships as they are introduced either as part of the (pre) story or as a parenthetical comment.
    I love the story so far… just wish it was shorter between each chapter. No pressure, though. The quality needs to be there instead of just quantity.

    • Doug, that’s an interesting suggestion. Sometimes relationships are implied or even hidden for the purpose of the story. However, where that is not the case, I can see that a reference page could be helpful. One of the flaws of this medium, in my opinion, is the potential for a lack of continuity as one waits for a new chapter. The character reference guide could help re-establish some of that continuity.

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