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Union Creek Journal Listed on Web Fiction Guide

It’s been a busy day here at The Journal.  In addition to the interview on TEOTWAWKI Blog, we’ve been listed on the Web Fiction Guide.

“Big deal,” you may say.  It is a big deal, indeed.  The Web Fiction Guide provides a great opportunity for exposure and review of online authors’ work.  I submitted The Journal to the Guide nearly two months ago.  We’re finally listed!

By the way, you can vote for The Journal to make it one of the “best of the web” by clicking here.  You can vote once a week.

If you’d like to write a review of The Journal for the Web Fiction Guide, you can do so here (must be a member; membership is free).

Thanks again for all your support.


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7 thoughts on “Union Creek Journal Listed on Web Fiction Guide

  1. 80 to 50, at the moment. 😀

  2. Matt aka"goinpostal" on said:

    A place to check out other very talented like minded writers is:
    It’s where the majority of talent from frug squirrel went after the fiction section was eliminated there.
    It’s a good place to read or post stories for input.There is also a members only section where stories can be posted for Member only viewing,and feedback,without ruining chances for future publishing opertunities.
    Matt aka”goinpostal”

  3. Wow. Knocked me out of second place quickly, well done!

  4. Still under steam in Oklahoma on said:

    Great job Toby! I knew it would just be a matter of time before your excellent writing would garner some well-deserved attention. Congratulation~ JD

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