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Today was the first day that I stopped by to read the reviews that The Journal has received on Amazon.  There were only two reviews.  I’m pretty sure I know who wrote one of them.  (Thank you, Sheepdog.)  I found the other one quite interesting and a little humorous.

Here it is: In a “virtual stone age” where the Farmers Almanac is still being printed, in a world brought down by “progressiveness” and “men becoming more feminine” fifty year old David Johnson, his wife, son and army buddies (don’t ask, don’t tell) fend off hording marauders, all while having fun “poking the bear”.

Remember that cool song by Hank Williams Jr about a country boy surviving? This ain’t it. This is some weirdo’s apocalypse fantasy where he beats up ungrateful bullies who’s wives apologize to him.

The reviewer appears to be unaware that the Farmer’s Almanac is printed roughly six months in advance.  So, the 2014 almanac to which David refers in The Journal’s first entry would have most likely been published in mid-2013 when things were still “normal”, i.e. books being published, the electrical grid up and running, etc.

Have we met any of David’s Army buddies yet?  I don’t recall writing about them.  You’d think I would remember that.

I won’t argue whether or not I’m a “weirdo” as that is a purely subjective judgement. 

Sorry, I couldn’t resist “poking the bear”.

Anyone care to leave a counter-review?



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13 thoughts on “Amazon Reviews

  1. Just Pam on said:

    I thoroughly appreciate what you write so I was glad to leave a review 🙂

  2. Jess on said:

    If that guy thinks Dave’s army buddies are with him, he must be reading something else lol.

  3. Gordon on said:

    I should have thought about leaving a review, opps, sorry ill go leave a good one. Your tin foil hat will not protect you from the aliens. Lol. We have our ways. Lol.

  4. ripjack13 on said:

    Heh heh heh….I left a review for ya my friend…..

  5. A number of your devotees are lining up the good reviews now – glad you mentioned this. Had to edit mine but when i last checked there were at least seven more besides my own, that were all totally affirming.
    I gotta go now, the cleaners just called and my tin foil hat is ready.

  6. Damn Diver on said:

    There are now three reviews on Amazon

  7. Don Tracy on said:

    I find the “Union Creek Journal” very entertaining. I was introduced to it by a friend from a Gun Forum (Thanks again, Dave) It is fiction, and has never been portrayed as anything but. The review by “Toby,” in my not-so-humble opinion, was nit-picking by a wanna-be critic who couldn’t resist the temptation to get his name on the Internet.

    • I’m Toby (the author of The Journal). LOL

      I didn’t include the reviewer’s name/handle to protect the … uh … innocent.

      The review is in italics above.

      • Don Tracy on said:

        OK, Toby. I got it, this time. (I must be getting OLD, or something) Anyway, as I said. I really find the “Journal” very entertaining, and look forward to each new post.

    • Luvs2Play on said:

      I too am still following, not posting anything because I don’t want Toby to waste his time replying to my posts.

      Every day I look forward to a read, and now I can’t wait to see the Toyota with the propane tanks go boom! Just too bad that good people go bad and not even when they know better.

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