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April 29, 2015: Prepare for War

It’s good to have a friend to rely on.  Pete and I accomplished a lot today.  We needed to.  I suspect that we’re on the verge of more of what we saw at Pete’s place.

We reviewed what our enemies know about us.  As we looked back on it, we really couldn’t come up with much that they knew for sure, but there were lots of “maybe’s”.

Maybe they know how quickly we can respond to an attack on one of our neighbors.  But, none of the attackers made it back to their headquarters so that’s not certain.

Maybe they know that we have armored HMMWV’s with .50 caliber guns.

Maybe they know that we have fairly good tactics and discipline.

One thing they know for sure is that their attacking force didn’t make it back.  That definitely tells them something about us.  Their guys were good, but our guys were better.

We know a few things about them.  We know they’re fairly well armed.  We know they have pretty good tactics.  We’re pretty certain they didn’t expect the kind of response that we brought.  On the other hand, a purely ruthless leader might sacrifice a few men just to find out what the response was.

That fact that we still haven’t found their vehicles tells us that they’re either based close by, and hiked their way in, or that they’re really good at hiding vehicles.

Pete and I also laid out a protection plan for the Union Creek community.  The families living on the outskirts of the community will run abutting patrols.  Those on patrol will have portable short-wave radios to call in anything out of the ordinary.  Based on an assessment of the threat, the other families will respond accordingly.

We also mapped out a plan to utilize Schmidt as a reverse probe.  We’re going to send him back after his daughter with a report filled with misinformation.  It’s a calculated risk.  Since we don’t know how much the gang knows about us, they may smell a rat and things could go badly for Schmidt and his daughter from there.  If things go well, Schmidt will get his daughter back and return with a bit more information for us.

I haven’t broken the news to Schmidt yet – not sure how he’ll take it.  If he’s not on board, I haven’t decided what Plan B is yet.  Pete and I tossed a few ideas around, but I didn’t like any of them.

Additionally, we sent Pete’s boys and my brothers around the community to check to see if anyone else had seen a soft probe like the Schmidts at our place.  Pete’s boys went on horseback as did Joseph.  Levi and Sam each took one of our civilian vehicles.  We left the military trucks hidden in the barn just in case we were under observation.

Two other farms had taken in families.  Joseph discovered one.  Tate discovered the other.  Each of them took a member of the family aside and gave them the lowdown on what we had experienced with the Schmidts and what they could expect from the families they had taken in.

Everyone else has been working on weapons, making sure they’re functioning properly, assembling ammunition, loading magazines, sorting out grenades and mortars.

Everything is ship-shape.  We’re as ready as we can be.  In times of peace, prepare for war.


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17 thoughts on “April 29, 2015: Prepare for War

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  1. Makiaveli on said:

    While I’m sure several guns could be rigged up, the big problem would be magazine size. Take a while to swap 3-4 mags out vs just having a long belt of ammo.
    FTR Love the story. This is the only one I pop into regularly to stay caught up on now that Adrian’s Undead Diary is done. Follow others, but pop in monthly or so to get caught up.

    • While I agree that a long belt of ammo is much better, when you run through all of your .50cal and have no way of reloading,(bullets, powder and primers are hard to make), it is easier to deal with a few mags. Also it is much easier to make high capacity mags! A creative and inventive mind like D.J. could figure out what to do with some hand tools, old sheet metal,and a hot fire! Think (Junk yard)!
      Mudinyeri: Please don’t sell the characters short, that you have brought to life. Great stories! Believable situations! Thanks for such a great thought provoking read!

  2. Great story!! I’m surprised that with all the guns available, that Dave or his son DJ hasn’t removed one of the .50’s and replaced it with a rack of 3 or 4 guns that they have more ammo for. Also in the short run people won’t loot junk or lumber yards, might still be quite a lot to find there. I would bet that there is still fuel back at the
    armory, or some kind of supplies at Fernando’s! Thanks for all your hard work!!

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