The Union Creek Journal

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May 25, 2015: Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day.

I still can’t believe my dad is gone – that he gave his life for our freedom just a little more than two weeks ago on May 9, 2015.

He led the charge against the U.N. soldiers that wanted to take away our farm and put us in FEMA camps or kill us.  He was a brave man.

Sometimes I still cry when I remember him.  I think he’d be OK with that.  He was always telling me to be tough, not to cry, but I know he had a sensitive side too.  I know he was sad about what happened to our country.  He may not have cried on the outside, but I bet he did on the inside.

I think sometimes when he got mad on the outside, it was because he felt like crying but he needed to be tough.  He needed to be tough so we would keep believing that things would get better.

I think he wrote this journal because there were some things he just couldn’t say out loud.  Maybe when I’m older, I’ll do the same.  I hope the world is a better place when I’m his age.  The age he was.

Today we’ll decorate his grave with flags and flowers to honor what he did and what he fought for.  We’ll do the same for the other people from Union Creek that fought and died to keep us free from the U.N. soldiers.

They’re all heroes and we’re still free.

As long as we’re free, there’s still a chance that things can get better.

– D.J. Johnson

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62 thoughts on “May 25, 2015: Memorial Day

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  1. schreila farm on said:

    Please write more..This was a fantastic story….I see it’s been almost 2 years since your last entry, but it’s such a riveting story and I wish I knew about the details of the battle!. …your words had me eagerly reading until i was done… now I feel like I am missing the rest! Although I will say the lessons learned and the thoughts spelled out in all the entries. ..As a life lesson….I can clearly see….good vs bad human nature and survive the best you can or die doing what’s right. Good vs evil while trying to evaluate how far down each path you can go before it’s not the same path Any more….

  2. So really ???? This is actually the second time I’ve read this Journal and for the life of me I can’t understand this ending. There’s also still no sign of a sequel ?????. Fantastic story with so much promise and expectation, ruined in one entry (the last entry). Shame on you because this could have been so much and yet I felt not only cheated at the end but also disillusioned with your writing. I guess the female at the top of the hill was Ariela, The UC people were going to war, the FMC with Hood and Pitcher, were joining them, Wei and Lanigan needed to atone for their sins. Honestly…..HOW COULD YOU HAVE LEFT IT LIKE THIS ??????

  3. Is this really the last entry? Will there be a sequel?

  4. What a gyp…. I’ve been reading this unfolding story with rapt attention whenever I have a spare moment. It was really enjoyable until the end. What gives??? You can’t do such a great job of telling the story, then not cover the climactic battle – especially since it appears our hero was killed off. How? By whom? What happened to the rest of the key characters?? TERRIBLE ENDING.

  5. No, no NO!!……. I don’t want him to die…. DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 55six on said:

    I really disagree with the top comment, the narrative is written just like it should be and in fact is very refreshing. Carry on sir and I am hooked. -55six

  7. reader x on said:

    You have good instincts with your writing and I enjoyed the tale, but you really need an editor (not a copy editor but a story editor).

    You’ve got all kinds of minor but annoying problems: inappropriate or awkward point of view shifts, too many hanging subplots, shifting timelines (you need to give your readers some clue when we’re off the main timeline), some guidance on methods to develop characters a bit more so that your readers will care about them. For example, D.J.: we barely know him yet he’s to be the new journal keeper? And finally, that ending. In one word, disappointing.

    The entire novel leads up to a major confrontation that might be beyond the UC folks abilities to deal with and you skip it? I know you claim “sequel” but it should be a thread that leads the reader to the sequel. This ended just before the climax. (Actually, it skipped the climax, which is even worse.) It makes many readers feel cheated, myself included, and it really, really feels like you just got tired of writing and just wanted to wrap things up, though I know that’s not the case as you’re planning a sequel.

    I hope you take this criticism at face value and in the spirit intended. Overall, it was an enjoyable tale!

  8. Wonderful tale. Took me two days to read it all, but it was worth it.
    It gives me hope…..

  9. Damn, Epic tale. Once DJ and the rest of the Union Creek survivors pull themselves together I’m sure DJ or one of the others will let us know what happened. Standing by on the HAM for any information on what happened.

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