The Union Creek Journal

A Chronicle of Survival

Entire Union Creek Journal Now Available for Kindle

Finally!  It’s here.  The entire Union Creek Journal is available for your Kindle – all 520 pages!  Just click on the link below.

The Union Creek Journal on Amazon for Kindle

The Union Creek Journal – Now Available in Its Entirety for Kindle

I know there were a couple complaints from people who bought the monthly groupings of journal entries for $0.99 on Amazon.  Most of those complaints were about how short the entries were and that it cost them nearly a dollar to read 15-20 minutes of entries.

As most of you know, I really only made the groupings of monthly entries available because of requests from readers of this blog who wanted to be able to read The Journal while they were disconnected from the Web.  I had to charge something because Amazon charged me $0.65 per purchase.  If you were upset about me making $0.35 per monthly entry, I apologize.  I can assure you that I didn’t get rich off of your hard-earned dollars.

Anyway … that ugliness is behind us now (I hope) and (I also hope) we’re ready to move forward.  My next step will be to make The Journal available for the Nook and as a PDF for those that don’t want to purchase from Amazon or don’t have a Kindle reader.

Stay tuned and enjoy!


P.S. The sequel is coming along.  Look for a sample entry to be posted soon.

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12 thoughts on “Entire Union Creek Journal Now Available for Kindle

  1. I bought and read all the monthly installments from Amazon, then found your site here and read the rest. I just happily 1-clicked the entire journal to support you. Looking forward to what is coming next. Thanks!

  2. CW Arch on said:

    Modification of what Patrick said: Excellent and I ready for some more stories!!!!!
    The ending was a shock, but it was appropriate for the structure of the book. This is not the type of story that I would normally read, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very well written. Great story.

  3. Ditto what Patrick said!


  4. Mudinyeri, is there anyway I can just buy an .pdf file from you so that I can print it out on paper to read? Old gray eyes ya know?
    Thanks for any reply.

    • Yes! My PDF delivery isn’t quite ready for prime time yet, but I do have the book (minus cover art) in PDF format. E-mail me at mudinyeri AT gmail dot com and I’ll take care of you.

  5. When I search with the Kindle it only shows the Nov 2014 entry

    • Yeah, I’m not sure how long it takes for Amazon to “index” newly published works. It doesn’t show up in an online search on Amazon yet either. You might try searching by the ASIN: B008XLJ63K.

  6. I’m working on them!

  7. Nice, but I’m ready for some more stories!!!!!

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