The Union Creek Journal

A Chronicle of Survival

PDF Version of The Journal Now Available

The PDF version of The Journal is now available for download.

If you would like to be able to carry a copy of The Journal with you and read it offline, you can now purchase The Journal as a PDF in addition to being able to download it from Amazon for Kindle.  To request a PDF copy of The Journal, simply go to the Journal PDF Request page and complete the form.  Once your request is received, you will receive an e-mail PayPal invoice for $6.99.  Once you’ve paid the invoice, you will receive a second e-mail with a link that will allow you to download The Journal as a PDF.

Please do not distribute the PDF as the work is copyrighted.

Thanks and enjoy!


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7 thoughts on “PDF Version of The Journal Now Available

  1. What’s the word on the next Journal? Can’t wait for the book.

    • I’ve made some progress, but had a pretty crazy summer, personally, so it’s a little behind where I would like it to be. Nonetheless, I still plan to have the sequel to The Journal done by late fall or early winter.

  2. What’s the eta on the new entries being posted? We’ve waited for a looooong time. We all want mooooore!!!

  3. I read all of the Journal Entries online and the ending !
    Now I will support you and buy the PDF. Consolidated and PDF to any format/reader. Thank you

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