The Union Creek Journal

A Chronicle of Survival

Storm’s a-Brewin’

I’m pretty sure I can see storm clouds on the horizon.  Hopefully, I’ll the have sequel to The Journal finished before the storm hits.  In the meantime, stay tuned for a sample chapter from the sequel next week.

Keep your head down and your eyes on the horizon.

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20 thoughts on “Storm’s a-Brewin’

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  1. Can’t wait! Checking back every couple months for the sequel!

  2. OregonRose on said:

    The entire family is waiting and looking forward to it. Lots of new political fodder to work into the back story. Can’t wait!

  3. Cool!!! Can’t. Wait!!!!

  4. HOG CAT on said:

    good news for sure!! Need some new reading. Pirate 4×4 mmbr. Thanks

  5. Thomas polzenius on said:

    Finally! I’ve waited for this for a long time!

  6. chaindrivecharlie on said:

    Glad to hear it, can’t wait to read it Brother!

  7. Very much looking forward to it!

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