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Arguing with Idiots

I’m sure many of my readers have been party to in-person or online arguments about “gun control” over the last few days.  To the extent possible, I’ve tried to avoid being sucked in to arguments with the idiots who want to sacrifice the Second Amendment on the alter of “doing something” about the tragedy in Newtown, CT – even if the something being done has proven to have no positive effect on accomplishing the goal we all share.

I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t want to eradicate mass murder from our society.  On that, everyone (except the mass murderers) can agree.  Unfortunately, the shared vision divides sharply shortly after everyone agrees that we would like to stop mass murder.  For a number of reasons, a segment of our society believes that banning “assault” weapons – or all guns – will somehow magically keep criminals from … being criminals.  This is not Utopia.  Weapons bans do not contain fairy dust to sprinkle over the populous eradicating undesirable behavior.  If anything, weapons bans do the exact opposite.

Allow me to share the work of another writer that addresses, far better than I could, the logical fallacies and statistical inaccuracies at work in the minds of the hoplophobes and gun-haters who want to eviscerate the Bill of Rights:

An Opinion on Gun Control by Larry Correia

It’s a lengthy piece, but well worth the read.  Pass it on!

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7 thoughts on “Arguing with Idiots

  1. Hepful information. Fortunate mee I found you site unintentionally,
    and I’m surprised why tbis coincidence did not took place in advance!

    Ibookmarked it.

  2. cooolwoods on said:

    what a great link! I will help to spread the word..

  3. Toby, another great read found on the UCJ. Thank you sir.

  4. LOL I have all of his Monster Hunter books on my Nook. Great books you can tell the author knows something about guns and how they are used.

  5. I like seeing these straight foward informative posts. When pr0-gun posters resort to name calling and swearing it gives the impression that we are all brainless, rednecked idiots. Keep it clean and stick to the facts.

  6. Lead Arrows on said:

    Thanks for posting this I will do my part to spread the word.

  7. Unfortunately we had these idiots vote the idiots into office. There are a truly brainless bunch.

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