The Union Creek Journal

A Chronicle of Survival

About The Journal

The Union Creek Journal (UCJ) is a fictional work about survival.  The journal chronicles the struggles of the Johnson family to survive after a global economic crash reduces the United States to 19th Century living.  The Johnsons prepared but survival is still difficult – physically and emotionally.

Follow the UCJ for frequent updates to the story of the Johnson family and tips to survive an apocalyptic collapse that could really happen.

Copyright: Toby Asplin 2011-2012

16 thoughts on “About The Journal

  1. With all the mental visuals I get while reading this, I can see a TV series! It would be much better than “Doomsday Preppers,” which I watch but also know it’s just “made for TV.” Extreme stuff makes good TV but isn’t generally all that realistic for most of us. The Journal, while fiction, also contains a wealth of great – and realistic – ideas.
    Love it – hope you keep writing and make it an ongoing series.

  2. discovered your story about 2:30am and been reading ever since; now 4:00am. I’m indirectly involved in a couple of websites. I link to you soon. and
    TCFACTS is our local Constitution Society and many of us are preppers. I think many will enjoy your story! Keep up the great work. Thx.

  3. Just thought I would let you know I posted a link on my Jeep Club’s forum as I think a lot of my peeps would be interested in your story. We have 969 members but realy about 200 active on the site all the time. Thanks for the great storyline & I always look forward to each new post.

  4. Greetings and salutations!
    I eagerly look forward to each new Journal entry, and I left a small token in the Tip Jar in hopes of encouraging you to write more!
    What happened to the comments sections below the entries? I miss them. Some were junk, but others were interesting. All in all, a net positive.
    Nuclear submariner regards,
    PS Similar wishes for your contributions to Ruth’s Story.

  5. I have followed your Journal I think from the second posting. I look forward to each entry. I never know what is going to happen next. While some stories and TV shows you seem to know what is coming around the corner.

    Please keep up the good work.

  6. I came to your Journal thru I absolutly love your writing & read all the posts in one day – yesterday. I hope you get a book deal ! Eagerly anticipating the future of this story 🙂

    PS: I Like your Toyota rock crawler. Do you get to do much 4 wheeling in Nebraska ?

  7. Dave Fitzgerald on said:

    If you send me an email, I’ll send you the info. My forum is closed so it takes steps to get there… Dave

    Also, I tried to send you a PM at AUD but it wanted a friend request which I sent.

  8. Greg Pavlosky on said:

    I just found your story and I started from the beginning and read the entire series to date. You are a very good story teller/writer. not all writers are good storytellers and vice versa. Thank you for the story. As a long time prepper with military experience I enjoyed all aspects of it.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story.

    • Dave Fitzgerald on said:

      Found you on Adrian’s Undead Diary and I am very much enjoying the story. I took the liberty of posting a link to your blog on the gun forum I run as I think my members will enjoy your work…

      • Thanks, Dave! I appreciate you posting the link. Would you mind telling me the name of the gun forum? I like to stop in and say hello any time someone posts the story up in a new place.

        Thanks again,


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