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Entire Union Creek Journal Now Available for Kindle

Finally!  It’s here.  The entire Union Creek Journal is available for your Kindle – all 520 pages!  Just click on the link below.

The Union Creek Journal on Amazon for Kindle

The Union Creek Journal – Now Available in Its Entirety for Kindle

I know there were a couple complaints from people who bought the monthly groupings of journal entries for $0.99 on Amazon.  Most of those complaints were about how short the entries were and that it cost them nearly a dollar to read 15-20 minutes of entries.

As most of you know, I really only made the groupings of monthly entries available because of requests from readers of this blog who wanted to be able to read The Journal while they were disconnected from the Web.  I had to charge something because Amazon charged me $0.65 per purchase.  If you were upset about me making $0.35 per monthly entry, I apologize.  I can assure you that I didn’t get rich off of your hard-earned dollars.

Anyway … that ugliness is behind us now (I hope) and (I also hope) we’re ready to move forward.  My next step will be to make The Journal available for the Nook and as a PDF for those that don’t want to purchase from Amazon or don’t have a Kindle reader.

Stay tuned and enjoy!


P.S. The sequel is coming along.  Look for a sample entry to be posted soon.

Amazon Reviews

Today was the first day that I stopped by to read the reviews that The Journal has received on Amazon.  There were only two reviews.  I’m pretty sure I know who wrote one of them.  (Thank you, Sheepdog.)  I found the other one quite interesting and a little humorous.

Here it is: In a “virtual stone age” where the Farmers Almanac is still being printed, in a world brought down by “progressiveness” and “men becoming more feminine” fifty year old David Johnson, his wife, son and army buddies (don’t ask, don’t tell) fend off hording marauders, all while having fun “poking the bear”.

Remember that cool song by Hank Williams Jr about a country boy surviving? This ain’t it. This is some weirdo’s apocalypse fantasy where he beats up ungrateful bullies who’s wives apologize to him.

The reviewer appears to be unaware that the Farmer’s Almanac is printed roughly six months in advance.  So, the 2014 almanac to which David refers in The Journal’s first entry would have most likely been published in mid-2013 when things were still “normal”, i.e. books being published, the electrical grid up and running, etc.

Have we met any of David’s Army buddies yet?  I don’t recall writing about them.  You’d think I would remember that.

I won’t argue whether or not I’m a “weirdo” as that is a purely subjective judgement. 

Sorry, I couldn’t resist “poking the bear”.

Anyone care to leave a counter-review?


March 2015 Journal Entries Released for Kindle

Volume 5 of the series, March 2015, is now available for Kindle through Amazon! Volume 5 includes all entries from March 2015, including Descent into Madness, Made in China, Sweet Melody, Blue Hats, Dazed & Confused, 148 Days, Gimme Shelter, Battleground, Providence, Death March, Spring, Auction and Business Plan.

It’s the biggest volume yet!

Just like the other monthly volumes before, Volume 5 is only $0.99.  You can find it here.

Got Kindle?

The Journal is now available for your Kindle!  Unfortunately, because Amazon charges to deliver content to the Kindle, I can’t provide The Journal for free on the Kindle.  You can still read it here for free, of course, but if you want to download it to your Kindle … it’ll cost ya!  😀

The entries are in monthly collections.  So, you can get November 2014’s entries all as a single collection, December 2014 and so on.  Each collection is $0.99.

Here’s the link to the Amazon page: The Union Creek Journal for Kindle



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