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If The Journal was made into a movie, who would play the main characters?  Pick a character.  Pick an actor/actress.  Have fun, it’s almost Friday!


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I apologize that there was no notification e-mail for this morning’s chapter, The First Wave.  WordPress was having server issues and the e-mail did not go out even though the chapter was posted.

Here is the direct link to today’s entry:

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News of the Week

News headlines from The Union Creek Journal website this week:

Yesterday, we surpassed a quarter of a million views since the site’s inception in early December of 2011.

The Journal is currently in the #1 position on

We have several word-smiths amongst the readers of The Journal who have followed my lead in word-play that involves Xu Guan and General Wei.  There is a distinct possibility of a purely subjective contest of some sort that involves creative use of Journal character names.

Have a great weekend!

Amazon Reviews

Today was the first day that I stopped by to read the reviews that The Journal has received on Amazon.  There were only two reviews.  I’m pretty sure I know who wrote one of them.  (Thank you, Sheepdog.)  I found the other one quite interesting and a little humorous.

Here it is: In a “virtual stone age” where the Farmers Almanac is still being printed, in a world brought down by “progressiveness” and “men becoming more feminine” fifty year old David Johnson, his wife, son and army buddies (don’t ask, don’t tell) fend off hording marauders, all while having fun “poking the bear”.

Remember that cool song by Hank Williams Jr about a country boy surviving? This ain’t it. This is some weirdo’s apocalypse fantasy where he beats up ungrateful bullies who’s wives apologize to him.

The reviewer appears to be unaware that the Farmer’s Almanac is printed roughly six months in advance.  So, the 2014 almanac to which David refers in The Journal’s first entry would have most likely been published in mid-2013 when things were still “normal”, i.e. books being published, the electrical grid up and running, etc.

Have we met any of David’s Army buddies yet?  I don’t recall writing about them.  You’d think I would remember that.

I won’t argue whether or not I’m a “weirdo” as that is a purely subjective judgement. 

Sorry, I couldn’t resist “poking the bear”.

Anyone care to leave a counter-review?


Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Matt Bracken

Download Matt Bracken’s eBook, Enemies Foreign and Domestic from Amazon for Kindle tomorrow, March 1, 2012.

Don’t have a Kindle?  There’s an app for your smart phone.  Just check your “marketplace” or “app store”.

Your phone isn’t that smart?  Amazon has free Kindle apps for PC’s, Mac’s and a variety of other devices.


From Matt Bracken, author Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Want to join a beat-up old ex-Navy SEAL, ocean sailor and book writer on a real-world covert cyber operation? I knew you did. So here’s the deal.

The idea is a national clandestine psyop, using my first novel as a vehicle. On Thursday, March 1, Enemies Foreign And Domestic will be put into Amazon Kindle’s free library, for a period of up to five days.

My goal is to make the spike in the number of free Kindle downloads for Enemies Foreign And Domestic so dramatic, that the national media will notice the passionate interest in this “dangerous and seditious” novel among the bitter clingers. But this is just the first step of a jiu-jitsu move. The light thrown on EFAD’s sudden nationwide surge in popularity will then be mirrored back onto the federal government’s most egregious usurpations and abuses, and on the mainstream media itself.

The first step in forcing open this dialogue will be to explore the mainstream media’s active collusion in the cover-up of a scandal that is demonstrably orders of magnitude worse than the worst previous scandals, such as Watergate, which was “a third-rate burglary” where nobody was killed. To date, the DOJ’s Operation Fast And Furious has resulted in hundreds of murdered Mexicans and at least two dead U.S. federal agents. But instead of providing real news coverage, the MSM feeds America the pabulum of celebrity worship and an artificially-contrived debate about artificial birth control.

Imagine for a moment if President Nixon’s men, when called before the congressional committees invistigating the Watergate scandal, had provided nothing but thousands of pages of fully blacked-out paper. In effect, a giant, bored, “F—k you, what are you going to do about it?” to congress. Then imagine if the Washington Post, the New York Times and the television networks never mentioned Watergate or the hearings, except rarely, and then only to call the congressional investigators partisan hacks who were bent on destroying our beloved President Nixon.

Reverse the party polarity,  jump forward through the time warp, and you have the current reality, where gangsters rule the federal government from the White House, the Fast And Furious congressional investigators are impotent buffoons, and the MSM is fully in on the cover-up. Nobody died at the Watergate, but recall what the hysterical 24-7 news coverage of the Watergate scandal and hearings accomplished: the end of a presidency, pronto. And an Attorney General in prison.

In the modern case of Operation Fast And Furious, hundreds of Mexicans were murdered as the result of a diabolically evil plot laid with the sole purpose of discrediting the Second Amendment, by deliberately funneling semi-automatic rifles to known drug cartel killers and assassins. Their goal was to bury our Right to Keep and Bear Arms beneath a mountain of Mexican corpses.

Folks, it doesn’t get much more evil than that.

So here’s the plan: on Thursday, March 1, we will engineer a stratospheric spike in the number of free Kindle downloads of Enemies Foreign And Domestic, and continue this operation for up to five days, the max allowable under the terms of the free download program. We will watch the MSM explore this sudden and frightening phenomenon erupting among the unwashed gun nuts and wild-eyed Constitution fanatics. When they predictably condemn EFAD for its fictional assassinations of government officials, and the rest of the story that they will pretend to find so abhorrent, we will shine their own spotlight right back on them, and yell Fast And Furious in their faces!

And this can all happen by getting a million or so gun owners and other freedom lovers to download EFAD, totally for free, beginning on March 1st.


March 2015 Journal Entries Released for Kindle

Volume 5 of the series, March 2015, is now available for Kindle through Amazon! Volume 5 includes all entries from March 2015, including Descent into Madness, Made in China, Sweet Melody, Blue Hats, Dazed & Confused, 148 Days, Gimme Shelter, Battleground, Providence, Death March, Spring, Auction and Business Plan.

It’s the biggest volume yet!

Just like the other monthly volumes before, Volume 5 is only $0.99.  You can find it here.

Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure

Kirk Cameron thinks the soul of our nation is sick.  Frankly, I’m inclined to agree with him.  According to Cameron, America has always been known as “the land of the free” and “the home of the brave”. “It’s the richest, freest nation the world has ever seen. Everyone wants to live here. But as I look around, I’m left with a sinking feeling that America is losing her way. Big time. The soul of our country is sick, and history shows me we are headed for disaster if we don’t change course now.”

Has Kirk been reading The Union Creek Journal?  Probably not.  He’s been too busy working on an event, “unlike any other”, that “will inspire audiences to rediscover the people and principles that made America the strongest, most free and prosperous nation on earth”.  That event, called Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure, will take place on March 27th – hopefully, at a theater near you.

Monumental traces the heroic and harrowing travels of the early Pilgrims and encounters the unlikely men and women who risked everything for liberty. Experience the stories of faith that guided education, government and civic life and hear from inspiring leaders on simple and practical ways to keep America’s ideals alive, beginning at home. Join us for this high-energy patriotic event that will unite audiences in a celebration of America’s story of faith and freedom!

Monumental sounds like a great concept.  I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t fully endorse it but I think it’s definitely worth the price of a movie ticket to check it out.  I’ve spent that much on plenty of movies and events that looked far less promising.  My only gripe is Kirk’s apparent lack of respect for our flag in this promotional sill photo.  In the photo, Cameron appears to be dragging the flag on the ground.  I found another, wider photo and, as it turns out, he is not dragging the flag on the ground.  I’m glad for that but, in my opinion, he would have made a better impression if he had carried the flag a bit more repspectfully.

Tickets are on sale now.  Click here and enter your Zip Code to find a location near you and purchase tickets today.


#1 on Top Web Fiction!

Thank you to everyone who has voted for The Journal on Top Web Fiction.  The Union Creek Journal currently sits in the #1 spot!  You guys are great.  I sincerely appreciate your devotion and your willingness to demonstrate it.

If you want to track how The Journal is doing, click here.

Remember, you can vote once a week.  I’ll probably put up a periodic reminder so you don’t have to remember.

Thanks again,


Union Creek Journal Listed on Web Fiction Guide

It’s been a busy day here at The Journal.  In addition to the interview on TEOTWAWKI Blog, we’ve been listed on the Web Fiction Guide.

“Big deal,” you may say.  It is a big deal, indeed.  The Web Fiction Guide provides a great opportunity for exposure and review of online authors’ work.  I submitted The Journal to the Guide nearly two months ago.  We’re finally listed!

By the way, you can vote for The Journal to make it one of the “best of the web” by clicking here.  You can vote once a week.

If you’d like to write a review of The Journal for the Web Fiction Guide, you can do so here (must be a member; membership is free).

Thanks again for all your support.


Interview on TEOTWAWKI Blog!

Apparently, there are quite a few of you who are regular readers of the TEOTWAWKI Blog.  It seems that a few of you have been bugging the folks at TEOTWAWKI Blog to interview me.

Well, Alexander contacted me last week and hit me up with a few questions.  You can read the interview here.

You may also notice that TEOTWAWKI Blog is on the Union Creek Journal Blogroll.  I highly recommend their site.  I’ve mentioned it on here before and I continue to believe that they do an excellent job of laying out some very practical advice.

If you have a few moments, check out the interview and let me know what you think.


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