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If you would like to contact the author of The Union Creek Journal, please e-mail him at mudinyeri AT

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  1. Regarding you announcement of impending masochism in Nebraska, I ran across this just now:


  2. Hey, there. Long time fan and reader of the Union Creek Journal. I appreciate the tale and the moral of the tale, if you get my drift. It’s inspired me to write my own stories in the same genre. You can find them on my blog.

  3. I really enjoying this story, and like the ‘tip jar’ idea, BUT, I under the impression that PayPal is anti-2A. I realize more and more people are using it, but I will not support them. Sorry… Greg

    • I understand your sentiments, Greg. Although I know a number of people who work for PayPal who are very pro-2A, the organization as a whole prohibits utilization of their system for payment for firearms. My perception, based on a fair amount of investigation and discussion with PayPal employees, is that PayPal (and their parent company eBay) have the policy in place, at least to some degree, because they are headquartered in California. Therefore, both organizations operate under the strict, anti-firearm statutes of the state.

      Is PayPal an avid 2A supporter? One would be hard-pressed to say so. Are they truly anti-gun? In reality, it’s probably more of a factor of the business environment in which they operate.

  4. One point on Jericho. It started off strong with a following of folks who would be naturally drawn to the storyline – folks not too different than those who must stroll through UCJ. I watched the first half of the first season and then lost interest. I was not alone but I know others who hung in longer so my opinion is only partly informed. That is, viewership seemed to start to slip when the storyline started to change and led to government conspiracies involving the attacks. As the story became less about surviving in the new normal and more about the fantasies of a liberal Hollywood screenwriting team (i.e. government bad) viewers faded away.

    This was about the same time that Hollywood was spewing out all manner of big budget movies about the wars in Iraq/Aghanistan with a tilt, subliminal or outright, that was anti-war or anti-US sovereign power projection. They were almost all failures because they could not find an audience.

    I would suggest that Jerischo found a dwindling audience when the storyline took a turn that was no welcome by those who were drawn to the original premise. While it retained cult status and had some fan support, I would argue that was because of what it could have been and not what it became.

    Just my $0.02.

    Mundinyeri – I will be sending you a eamil with an idea on another front.


  5. Also found you via TEOTWAWKI blog. Found the Kindle version of the first four months and paid for those. Partly because Kindle is easier on iPad and partly to see some revenue go your way.

    Really enjoyed the journals thus far, especially how you intertwine SHTF trade craft into the storyline. However, given I work in Mahattan and live just north of NYC, my family’s own success under such a scenario would be less easily accomplished.

    I was going to ask if tou had any plans to publish March for Kindle but i will likely be done reading that by the time you respond.

    Thanks again!

  6. Great stuff – just got here. Reminds me the slightest bit of the fantastic – and sorely missed – TV series, Jericho. ( WHY do those cretins always seem to yank any good new shows they have after one season, in spite of the viewers calling and writing, and replace them with soem mindless drivel aimed at the average 12 year old? Gaaah. Rhetorical. )
    Anyway – I have very limited time online but hope to get caught up on this soon Have you also read the blog called ‘SHTF School’, over at
    ? I don’t know if it is for real but it purports to be the writing of a man who lived for over a year during the Balkan war, in a town that was cut off from most supply lines, collapsed infrastructure, and so on. Not a ‘story’ as such, but observations and notes on different topics which developed during the time. If you haven’t read it, give it a visit.
    Keep up the good work.
    BTW – came here from TEOTWAWKI. Good site.

    • My wife and I used to enjoy Jericho. You’re right. Too bad TPTB shut it down.

      I’ve read Selco’s stuff on various forums and it definitely rings true.

      Thanks for coming over from TEOTWAWKI.

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